Friday, July 25, 2014

...And your husband's a life saver.

"Your husband saved my LIFE," I heard last week. The grateful friend was holding a pile of papers James had xeroxed for him in a pinch.
"Yeah," I said. "He does that a lot."

Let's see, here...
Go-to person for last-minute errands: check.
Trusted advisor for major life decisions: check.
Counselor for the "confused" (Isn't that all of us?): check.

OK. How about...

Regular blood donor: check.
Platelets? Those, too.

July 25 is James Lapin's birthday. For the first time EVER, I bought him a sappy, gushy birthday card. Because when your husband is the mensch mine is, sometimes it's a challenge to be all "Birthdays are like baths!"* about it.

Join me in wishing a happy birthday to one of the finest of God's creations.

*The rejected card read something like, "Birthdays are like baths. You have to have one once a year whether you like it, or not.