Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Why do you ask?

Ask the question to which you want an answer.
Say what you mean.
Not everything has to be said.

Call them New Year's Resolutions.
Call them personal philosophies.
Call them late for dinner.
Whatever you call them, these statements have been guiding my interpersonal interactions over the past few months.

Instead of, "Hey, what're you up to?" I've been trying, "I need to talk. Are you available to speak by phone?"
Instead of, "Hey, can you get off that glass coffee table?" I've been advocating, "Get down. Now."
Instead of, "The paper goes in the PAPER RECYCLING," I've actually just been sorting the recyclables by myself. 

Here's where I'm still challenged, though: 
People asking ME questions.
"What's for dinner? Why do you wanna know? In case you don't like it?"
"When am I teaching next? You don't like when I teach so you won't come to class. Right?"
Seriously. Blows my mind.
What should I do?