Sunday, December 20, 2015

Thank you. Really.

The past month was a busy one for this rock star. First, NYMetroParents published a guest piece by yours truly on interim boarding care.

When that piece went live, I was interviewed by The Jewish Link about pretty much the same thing! 

Somewhere in the middle of that, kveller published a piece I shared on taking our family to the funeral of Ezra Schwartz, z"l. 

Truth be told, in all the "chaos," I forgot I was also featured in a fun video to help bring car sharing back to New York. 

Of course, we were still living off the fumes of the bat mitzvah the previous month.

A busy, emotional, gratifying month. Thanks to all of you for your support. That's not a disingenuous "thank you." Whatever I write--or is written about me--is worthless if it goes unread. More to come, I'm sure. Are you psyched? I am. ;)

Currently available for speaking engagements, magazine signings, speaking engagements, newspaper signings, speaking engagements...I just can't...well, you know...


  1. Brava. You are a truly unique and impressive woman, Ann.

  2. I want to watch the video you shared that went live. But my internet is so slow it will take time to buffer. How annoying.