Monday, August 19, 2013

Last year's "Prayer for You" (Don't you love reruns?)

May your heart know the warmth of love, may your mind remain sharp, and may your body cooperate. 
May you find “the one” and the strength to be “the one.” 
May you get enough sleep and enjoy sleepless nights. 
May your boss be understanding and your children forgiving. 
May you delight in your loved ones and in their memories. 
May your layovers be brief, may your audience be enthusiastic, and may the floodwaters quickly recede. 
May your food be locally grown, organic, and in season and may your food servers be legal, ethically treated, and kind. May your separation be gentle, may your follow-up scans be clear, and may your unemployment check last you until the end of the month. 
May your couponing prove beneficial, may your child’s foreign embassy be free of strife, and may the best man win.

And may we all be inscribed for good, for life, and for peace.

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