Sunday, August 18, 2013

This year...

 May we follow the map to new destinations and may we follow our hearts safely home.
May our presence be necessary and may we go where we are needed.
 May we try new things, eat new foods, and find comfort in asking for help.

May we commit for the long haul and find the fortitude to quit mid-task.
May we nap in the arms of the ones we love and have enough room to sleep diagonal in our beds.
May we fight, may we scream, may we give in and give up. May we know peace.

May we brave the storm and know when NOT to tweet.
May the bus stop kiss be not "goodbye" but "I'll see you when you come home."
May we run not from fear but straight through the finish line.

May we arrive early and be gracious. May we do something about that tendency to roll our eyes.
May we repair that which is broken and may we love that which we cannot fix.
May we have the faith to fall down and the strength to get back up.

May we listen and, this year, hear the sound of the shofar.

May we wake up.


  1. May I have the privilege of seeing this ^Rock Star^ in person very soon. BH